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We make coding fun by changing the way people deal with snippets.
As developpers we all know the pain to find a snippet.
And this is why we create tools to help you find and manage exactly what you need in a matter of seconds.
From now, you can easily take a breath.

Snippets warehouse

Explore, search, create, improve, contribute, share, use any snippets for free in our community snippets warehouse

Snippets are everywhere
So do Snippetify

There is nothing more productive than having all your work tools with you wherever you are. And since snippets are everywhere, our mission is to be your faithful companion

Integrates with your editors

Install our plugins for popular editors and IDEs to create, search and insert snippets without leaving your coding environment.

Visual Studio Code

Our Visual Studio Code extension enables you to create snippets from editor code and quickly insert snippets from Snippetify warehouse. With intellisense out of the box

Integrates with your browsers

Install our plugins for popular browsers to save any snippets directly where you are.


Our Chrome extension enables you to save snippets from any websites from your chrome browser.


Our Firefox extension enables you to save snippets from any websites from your firefox browser.

Snippet embeding

A snippet is of no use if it cannot be everywhere, that's why:

You can integrate snippets in your web pages (blog, forum, and so on)

All your snippets are centralized, so modify one of them on snippetify and it will be automatically on all the sites where it is integrated

Snippets can be appreciated (voted and starred) where they are integrated

Deep searching

No need to spend hours searching for snippets on the web. Our spider does this work, enter your keywords then Snipbot will do the job.

The best place to save your snippets

A snippet is not just a piece of code but an intellectual work which receives appreciation and which deserves to be shared in order to help others. With us you can:

Add snippets to your favorites

Organize snippets by tagging them

Share your snippets on social networks

Start saving now

Allow others to appreciate the fruit of your work by voting your snippets

Allow others to share opinions and experiences on your snippets while commenting on them

Allow others to contribute to your snippets by receiving suggested changes

Work on your reputation by receiving stars, badges and privileges for your snippets


The best way to request a snippet

Make coding fun by challenging your friends. Best way to give homework to your students. Never get stuck again, let us know your need.

Join our community and share your values

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Through the collaboration we can build a world in no time.
All the snippets on our platform are the result of collaboration by the members of our community.

As we all know that each developper has something to share, join us now and start sharing your skills with us to help others.

Last not least, most of our tools are open source, You are free to add your touch.

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