Neoprene Rubber

Neoprene Rubber

Neoprene rubber sheet and roll

Neoprene-based elastomer, with good balance in properties and moderate cost, excellent for flanges and gaskets that require the chemical resistance of neoprene; the most versatile elastomer with industrial use.

We are a manufacturer of neoprene sheets and neoprene rolls. We offer a great variety of neoprene rubber

Rubber neoprene

Neoprene rubber can keep your equipment and machinery off the ground while still providing effective vibration isolation. It is not like foam rubber, which is damaged if it comes into contact with grease, oil or other hydrocarbons.

Neoprene rubber in rolls or sheets

Neoprene rubber in rolls or sheets can have eventual contact with greases, oils and other hydrocarbons, without losing its properties. It is also used as a support for machinery in all types of industries and is also an effective vibration insulator. In addition to rubber sheets, we can also manufacture molded parts according to the characteristics and specifications of our customers.

Physical and chemical properties: Neoprene Rubber

  • Shore “A” hardness: 60-65
  • Tensile strength, minimal: 510 PSI
  • Elongation, minimal: 420 %
  • Temperature Range: -13°F to 221°F
  • Oils: Good
  • Acids: Good
  • Outdoors: Good
  • Abrasion: Medium

Product Dimensions

  • Plate: 3'3" x 3'3", 1/16" to 3" thickness
  • Sheets: 3'3" x 32'9 " long, with 1/16" to 5/16" thickness
  • Sheets: 3'3" x 16'4" long, with 3/8" to 5/8" thickness

Neoprene sheets

Neoprene plate can be used as machine support in all types of industries. This is important for companies in various industries such as steel mills, automotive manufacturing plants, pharmaceuticals, wood processing operations, electronics companies, paint/varnish manufacturers and others.

Neoprene rubber in sheets or neoprene plates can have an eventual contact with fats, oils and other hydrocarbons, without losing its properties. It is effective at low temperatures and does not deteriorate due to weather conditions. It withstands the flow of electricity and does not swell with time or humidity, even at high temperatures.

Neoprene sheets
Neoprene sheets

Neoprene roll

Neoprene roll is suitable for use as a vibration insulator, as it absorbs mechanical and thermal shocks. It is also resistant to oils, gasoline and fuels.

Neoprene rolls provide effective thermal insulation in friction drives and last for years longer than other types of rubber.

Roll rubber is perfect for protection against vibrations, impacts and temperature changes, is resistant to the effects of corrosive substances and also has excellent heat resistance.

Uses of neoprene in rolls or plates:

  1. For gaskets, gaskets or seals that are in contact with steam, hot or cold water, dust and other abrasive agents, as well as outdoors.
  2. Eventual contact with hydrocarbons.
  3. Efficient as support for industrial equipment and vibration isolator in any type of construction.
  4. Orthopedic devices
  5. Electrical isolators
  6. Automotive rubber
  7. Computer Cases
  8. Industrial rubber
  9. Hoses

With commercial neoprene rubber plates, make your plumbing repairs, useful for supports, furniture leveling, sealing, bumpers and protection, make small neoprene anti-skid strips for smooth floors, your imagination is the limit!