Rubber Flooring for Gyms

Interlocking gym mats

Interlocking gym mats

Avoid costly floor or stave maintenance, with GRIZZLY MAT protect your floor, your investment in weights, equipment and improve the appearance of the area.

Easy installation, just assemble it and that's it, no need to glue, nail or anchor it. If you want to move it, just take it apart and put it back together.

Made of high quality rubber with excellent properties to absorb the impact of barbells, dumbbells, discs, apparatus or any other application where a high resistance floor is required.

Features puzzle exercise mat

- Ice skate-proof, ideal for placement on ice rinks
- Easy maintenance, clean it with a mild detergent or just water.
- Available in colors: Black, Terracotta, Blue and Green.

Rubber product: Interlocking gym mats

  • Presentation: Interlocking gym mat
  • Gym rubber flooring 1/4: Gym flooring rubber 1/4″ thick 50 cm wide x 50 cm long each
  • Gym rubber flooring 3/8: Gym flooring rubber 3/8″ thick 50 cm wide x 50 cm long each

Product Dimensions

  • Puzzle exercise mat: 1´7" wide x 1´7" long,

Your gym floor is an important investment that needs to be protected. Our gym flooring is the durable, flexible and cost-effective solution to protect your equipment today. We want you to stay fit and healthy. That's why our rubber flooring adds support to your workout by absorbing vibration and protecting the floor from damage.

Our puzzle gym floor is designed for exercise and sports performance, so you can enjoy better workouts. It protects your equipment investment while reducing the impact of each movement, allowing you to maximize your workout.

Extrasoft puzzle exercise mat

Extrasoft puzzle exercise mat

The cushioned gym floor is durable and cushioned, can be easily cut to the perfect size and provides a soft surface to protect from falls. Its light weight makes it easy to move or carry with you.

Safety and comfort were our top priorities with this exclusive gym floor, designed for children of all ages.

This cushioned gymnasium floor is very suitable for indoor decoration of schools, kindergartens and playgrounds. With our colors, you can design it to be more attractive to children (imagine a hopscotch pattern built into a house). These rubber floors are designed to offer reliable slip resistance. They are wide enough for physical training, such as martial arts or gymnastics, ensuring everyone's safety during playtime.

Rubber Product: Extrasoft puzzle exercise mat

  • Colors: sky blue, orange, strawberry red and lemon green
  • Presentation: Extrasoft puzzle exercise mat
  • Gym rubber flooring 1/4: Gym flooring rubber 1/4″ thick 50 cm wide x 50 cm long each
  • Gym rubber flooring 3/8: Gym flooring rubber 3/8″ thick 50 cm wide x 50 cm long each

Product Dimensions

  • Puzzle exercise mat: 1´7" wide x 1´7" long,

Getting healthier shouldn't be complicated. This rubber gym flooring is made of durable, shock-absorbing rubber that helps reduce vibration and noise from home gym equipment, commercial gym equipment and elliptical cardio machines.

Our gym floor is made of high quality rubber, so it is non-toxic. It is resistant to abrasion from weights and heavy machines, has good elasticity to protect against impact and high tensile strength. You will feel comfortable while exercising

Give your children a place to play, exercise or practice their routine free from worry. Cushioned gym floors are safe and easy to clean. You can quickly clean up any dirt or mess caused by daily use.

Rubber gym flooring rolls

Rubber gym flooring rolls

The EPDM sparking EPDM gymnasium floor rolls are developed to withstand gymnasium use, provide slip resistance and durability.

Our rubber roll flooring gym is specially designed for the demands of high traffic locations, gymnasiums, children's playrooms, pet care centers, common areas and anywhere else where a rubber flooring solution that is slip resistant and provides anti-fatigue qualities would be useful.

You'll love the possibilities that rubber roll flooring gym can bring to your facility.

In addition our pre-cut rolls are very competitively priced to ensure one of the best rubber flooring deals available.

Rubber Product: Rubber gym flooring rolls

  • Presentation:rubber roll flooring gym
  • Floor for gym in black roll with sparks in blue:20 meters x 1 meter with thickness of 4 mm
  • Black Rubber gym flooring rolls with yellow sparks:20 meters x 1 meter with thickness of 4 mm

Recommended Uses

Commercial gyms, sports arenas, clubs, schools, common areas, playgrounds, ice rinks, home gyms, in personal training studios, in commercial weight rooms on fitness equipment such as basement and living room floors playground equipment, in pet care centers and locker room floors

When it comes to protecting your gym floors, we've got you covered. Say goodbye to slippery floors and sore feet caused by prolonged pressure with our wide range of high-quality flooring. We're here to help you find the perfect solution for your needs, no matter how big or small.

We are the best gym flooring manufacturer in Mexico and our reputation is based on years of recognition from our customers for the great quality of our products along with fair factory-direct prices.

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