Rubber for Construction

Rubber for Construction

Rubber for Construction

Rubber for construction. We are specialists in the manufacture of joints for civil construction works.

We supply standard and custom segments and flexible system products designed specifically to meet customer needs.

Construction Rubber and Construction Joints.

Joints in civil works are a vital link between construction elements. The right type of joint must be chosen to withstand the colossal stresses imposed by the cyclical changes caused by heat, cold, traffic and loads.

Construction rubber can be used to achieve adequate results with an optimum cost-benefit ratio.

These joints are used in civil works to join two elements that are constantly expanding due to heat, contracting due to cold, vibrating with vehicular traffic or moving with the load they support. They can also be used to separate buildings to prevent them from colliding or reloading with each other during earthquakes or due to possible tilting over time.

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Another use is to cover the floor separations of multilevel parking lots to prevent water seepage or to provide continuity in the floor with joints between slabs.