Snowplow Rubber

Snowplow Rubber

Snowplow Rubber

A seasonal item, but a must when it snows. These press hardened inserts are made from premium SBR belt cover material for added wear resistance. These signs are affixed to the edges of street patrol operations to clear snow from highways, parking lots, runways and other public areas.

This product is designed for use as belt wiper or conveyor skirtboard. Skirtboard is ideal for mounting pad, flapping, sealing strips, or general construction and industrial use where abrasion resistance is imperative. It is available from ¼” to 1” gauges, and from 4” to 48” widths X 50ft.


  • Long Lasting: Rubber snowplow edges are made of a tough, resilient rubber compound that shows very little wear after many hours of use. They can outlast steel edges many times.
  • Fast, Clean, Quiet Snow Removal: SBR rubber edges have a “squeegee action” to clean faster, better & much quieter than steel cutting edges.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: Since snowplow edges need fewer replacements than steel edges, fewer man-hours & less downtime means lower costs. Rubber edges also absorb damaging shock that would be transmitted to the plow, truck, and driver with a steel edge.

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